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JS1 Advance (New Lower Price)

$ 2,999.00

Quick. Nimble. Sturdy.

The BESV JS1 Advance pedal-assisted electric bicycle features a strong, durable frame, for long-lasting performance. Jaguar is ideal for short rides to the park, a quick spin around the neighborhood, or even longer rides in the countryside. Equipped with our advanced proprietary Algorhythm power drive system, the JS1 Advance delivers a smooth ride, every ride.

Advanced Frames Crafted with an Artist's Touch

Produced using the same manufacturing process as Moto GP racing motorcycles, the JS1 Advance's step-through aluminum frame provides world-class performance. The frame’s design is hand-sculptured, and the use of aluminum means that this frame is lighter than traditional frames made of metal. Available in a variety of colors, the JS1 Advance’s frame ensures a comfortable, enjoyable riding experience.

Power Your Ride the Smart Way

Smart Mode calculates the level of assistance you need for optimal ride comfort, taking into account both riding conditions and your pedaling power, and intelligently adjusts the power while you ride.

A New Breed of Power

Fine-tuned by our team of software experts, Algorhythm calculates the power needed by the drive system and delivers optimal performance whenever it is required.

Sleek, Stylish Integration

The JS1 Advance’s headlight and interface are completely integrated, delivering both fashionable and functional appeal. In addition, this design has received K-MARK certification in Germany.

A Powerful Motor for Full-Throttle Performance

The JS1 Advance incorporates an advanced direct motor placed on the e-bike’s rear wheel. The direct motor design delivers greater efficiency, as less than 20 percent of the motor's power is lost during use, resulting in exceptional power to the rear wheel.

Charge Up Your Ride with an Advanced Battery

The JS1 Advance features a premium LG® battery. Highly dependable and long-lasting, the JS1 Advance's battery delivers as much as 50 miles of power-assistance on a full 6-hour charge.

Sporty Model Design

The JS1 Advance’s dip-frame is easier to mount and dismount than a normal bike, and the design also creates a more balanced ride. The concept subverts conventional triangular frame design to make riding universally easy, no matter the rider’s age, gender or clothing.

Award Winning 

2015 Golden Pin Design Award
2015 Eurobike Award
2015 Japan Good Design Award (G-Mark) BEST 100
2016 German Red Dot Award

Key Features

RANGE: Up to 50 miles*

TOP SPEED: up to 20 mph with rider assistance

PEDAL ASSIST LEVELS: 4 Assist Modes (1 to 3 and Smart)



BATTERY: LG Lithium Ion 36 volts, 11.2ah (403.2 wh)

BIKE WEIGHT: 60.4 lbs

*range is affected by terrain, rider weight, rider assistance and power level used


FRAME: Hydroformed Aluminum

FORK: Suntour, Suspension, 50mm Travel with Remote Lock-Out

BATTERY: LG Lithium Ion 36 volts, 11.2ah, 403.2wh

RECHARGING TIME: Full Charge: 6 hours

MOTOR: 500W Direct Drive rear hub

TORQUE SENSOR: Dual Side Torque Sensor

BRAKES: Magura MT4 Hydraulic

GEARING DERAILLEUR: Shimano, Deore 10 Speed, Shimano 11 x 34

TIRES: Schwalbe Energizer Plus, 700 x 45c

DISPLAY: Integrated Backlit Grayscale LCD with Speed, Odometer, Trip Distance, Trip Time, Battery Life, Assist Mode (1-3 and Smart)

HEADLIGHT: Yes, 40 lux, 600mA, 3.3V

REAR LIGHT:  Yes, Integrated LED

FENDERS: Yes, Aluminum



SEAT POST:  31.6 Aluminum Alloy with Velo seat

COMFORT GRIPS: Propalm PRO-1950EP1 ergonomic with lockers

Manufacturers Warranty


BESV, a marque of Darfon Innovation Corp., warrants its electric bicycles (“Product”) to be free of defects in material and workmanship under normal consumer use during the warranty period.

The Product carries the following warranty periods starting from the date or purchase (parts and labor only):

• Frame – Five (5) years
• Battery – Two (2) years or 300 full loading cycles at no less than 80% capacity (whichever occurs first)
• Other electric components (controller, HMI, motor) – Two (2) years
• Non-consumables: front fork with shock absorber, saddle, seat post, shift lever, front derailleur, rear derailleur, main shaft, front/rear hub (excluding free hubs), handle bar, brakes mechanism, front fender, rear fender, pedals– One (1) year
• All remaining components are not covered by this warranty
This warranty is null and void if BESV determines that the product has been altered or tampered with in any way. This warranty does not cover problems or damage resulting from:

• Accident, collision, fall, neglect or misuse (i.e. jumps/stunts or use on inappropriate terrain)
• Normal wear and tear
• Unauthorized product modification or installation of components not compatible with the Product
• Improper operation/maintenance not in accordance with product instructions
• Unsuitable cleaning tools, such as high-pressure cleaners
• The weather or acts of nature (i.e. flood, lightning or earthquake)
• War, vandalism or theft
This warranty does not cover:

• Cosmetic damage or corrosion
• Non-BESV parts/components
• BESV products used in commercial lending/hiring
• BESV products in which the factory-applied frame number has been altered or removed
BESV will, at its option, use new or refurbished parts/components to repair the Product, or replace the Product with a new or reconditioned Product of the same or functionally equivalent model. Any replacement parts/components or product will be warranted for the remainder of the original warranty period or for any additional period of time that may be applicable in your jurisdiction.Manufacturers



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