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How it Works for Companies

We have a simple easy-to-implement program for companies to support eBike commuting and encourage their employees to leave their cars at home.  

Here are the 5 simple steps to happier healthier employees:

Step 1

Call us to schedule a brief 10-minute presentation and a short test ride on an eBike so you can experience the benefits for yourself. 

Step 2

We supply you with an e-mail template you can send to your employees telling them that Velocity Commuting Solutions is conducting a demo day on site so that employees can test ride eBikes and ask questions.  Upon request we will also be happy to speak at any company gathering to help employees understand the health, financial, and environmental benefits of eBike commuting. We  provide signage for you to use throughout your company that provides the time and place of the demo day and a little information about eBikes. We'll even provide eBikes for display.

Step 3

You decide whether you want to provide an incentive to your employees to purchase an eBike. We will provide a matching incentive of up to $200 per eBike.

Step 4

We bring a mobile showroom to your corporate campus with lots of eBikes for your employees to test ride. We’ll have a team there to assist and answer any questions. 

Step 5

Employees then go to our website to learn more, configure their eBikes, and order online. If you provide a purchase incentive, we will provide your employees with a special discount code that can be used at checkout. Ordered eBikes are received at our warehouse and assembled by a team of experienced professional mechanics. We notify employees that their eBike is ready and schedule delivery to either their home or office.

We offer eBike options for campus fleet use and as performance incentives.



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