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Every new eBike we sell gets the personal touch

Every Velocity Commuting Solutions technician is trained to our stringent standards. To ensure that your new e-bike will give you many years of service, we start by assembling your ebike according to a detailed and thorough list of 30 service procedures that represent the industry’s best practices.

  1. Visually inspect e-bike for shipping damage
  2. True wheels to ensure proper spoke tension and dishing
  3. Inflate tires and ensure tire bead is seated
  4. Adjust brakes levers for proper tension: bleed if necessary
  5. Torque all brake hardware
  6. True brake rotors to ensure they do not rub
  7. Lubricate all cables and housings
  8. Pull bottom bracket cups to grease. Torque to specifications.
  9. Torque crank and chain ring bolts
  10. Level seat and torque all bolts

  11. Grease seat post and binder. Torque bolt.

  12. Grease, install, and torque pedals
  13. Adjust hubs
  14. Remove rear cassette and grease free hub. Torque lock ring
  15. Torque axles nuts and grease Quick Release skewers
  16. Adjust and level handlebars. Adjust all hand controls.
  17. Install display and ensure all functions work propertly.
  18. Torque shifter, brake, and grip bolts
  19. Adjust headset
  20. Torque stem bolts
  21. Adjust derailleurs and set limits. Adjust cable tension
  22. Check chain length and lubricate chain if necessary
  23. Install reflectors
  24. Install accessories
  25. DI2 ONLY: Update firmware & Charge Battery
  26. Test battery charger by charging battery
  27. Test Ride to ensure everything is working
  28. Break-in brake pads
  29. Clean E-bike thoroughly
  30. Notify owner to schedule delivery

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