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Getting to Work Quickly and Safely

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Find the right bicycle route to work

Everyone knows how to get to work using an automobile and public roads. However, there may be bicycle routes with which you aren’t so familiar. Unless you are an avid cyclist and know all the best bike lane roads, chances are you will need a little guidance to optimize the commute on your eBike.  Fortunately, there are a few free tools to make the job easier.

The first is Google Maps. Yep, that’s right! Google maps provides routing specifically for bicycles. Visit

Google Maps

plug in your home and work addresses, and Google Maps will provide you with a route.

The other free service is provided by and will give you turn by turn directions. Visit: BikeMapper

The Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition has also put together a list of bicycle maps by city/town.

Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition Bike Maps


Getting in the habit of a pre-ride routine is essential for your safety. It only takes a few minutes.

-Check tire pressure with a quality bicycle pump or gauge and adjust if necessary

-Make sure that all lights are working

-Squeeze brake levers and test by trying to move eBike.

-Check your battery level to make sure you have enough capacity to get to/from work.

-Check any accessories attached to your eBike to make sure they are securely fastened.

-Always make sure to bring along your bike lock.

Always wear a securely fastened helmet and a good pair of gloves.

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